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1. Inquiry

Are you interested in Netivot? Please submit an Inquiry Form, and we will reach out to you!

2. Tour

Following your conversation with the Admissions Director, you may schedule a tour. A tour is a wonderful opportunity to see our classrooms in action.
The unique atmosphere of the Jewish Montessori environment is best understood through in-person observation. We look forward to having you in our school!

3. Application

Once you have toured our school and are ready to apply, the application process starts here.

4. Interview

Once you've submitted your application the Admissions Director will reach out to schedule your child's interview. The scope of the interview is based on your child's age and grade level. 

5. Admissions & Enrollment Meeting

After your child's interview, we will notify you of the admissions decision. New Netivot families will receive a Welcome Email, including instructions to submit an enrollment packet and schedule an enrollment meeting with the Admissions Director. 

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